Gen-Z: The New Farmers

Gen-Z will make up 31% of the world’s population by 2021 and they have deeply formed perceptions and beliefs about anything related to being planet friendly, sustainable and eco-friendly. This has led to an amazing change in the way Gen-Z is disrupting several industries simultaneously.
Current farm operators defined as “BOOMXY” come from the Boomer, Gen X and Millennial generations (28-74 years old). Gen Z will be the future decision makers on the farm (18-22 years old).
Attracting Gen Z to careers in agriculture and farming has the potential to change the shape of the industry, there are some main factors that will be responsible for molding the agriculture industry while the next generation of farmers prepares to either take the reins or go in a different direction, bringing with it many opportunities and challenges.
It is well known that younger generations are more likely to adopt new technologies with ease and to keep an open mind about technological advances and the possibilities they can bring. Gen Z have lived all their lives surrounded by technology, so it makes sense that they seek to incorporate this factor as much as possible in their field of work, be it in agriculture or a different one. Gen Z has a positive view about herbicides, insecticides, GMOs and other bio-agricultural advancements, more so than their older counterpart.
Seems like Gen Z have sufficient understanding of the issues that revolve around government and agriculture, in addition to having a deeper commitment to participate and be agents of change. While the older generations have their reservations in these matters, Gen Z has a little more confidence in the institutions and what they can achieve for the advancement of the agricultural industry.
It is always interesting to take a look at how the younger generations perceive the world, because at the end of the day that’s how we can learn more and detect the trends that will begin to shape the future of the agricultural industry.


The next generation in agriculture