Smart monitoring for sustainable agriculture

The Marchesi Mazzei S.p.A company has always supported the use of innovative technologies to assist all wine production processes. In order to pursue the goal of reducing the environmental impact caused by agriculture, increasingly advanced equipment and machinery are used. Precisely for this reason, specific online platforms are used for monitoring the Vineyard system. These are Forecast Models able, through an accurate analysis of the soil and climate data of the territory, to predict the time when the ideal conditions for the onset of fungal diseases and plant diseases within the Vineyard may occur. Precisely on the basis of these Forecast Models we are able to understand the right moment of intervention in the field with the necessary agronomic practices rather than with phytosanitary treatments. These platforms also have the function of Database of the products allowed according to the laws in force, and based on the intervention time, they allow to calculate the duration and persistence of this active ingredient on the plant. It is thanks to these models that we are able to significantly reduce the use of plant protection products, in fact they are used only at the time of the onset of any infection. This reduction produces a lower environmental impact of the entire Vineyard system, since, in addition to the reduced use of chemical substances, we also reduce processing times and emissions from the machinery used for the treatments.