About Us


SPARKLE, an acronym standing for Sustainable Precision Agriculture: Research and Knowledge for Learning how to be an agri-Entrepreneur, is a Knowledge Alliance project, co-financed under the ERASMUS+ project.



SPARKLE is a partnership focusing on Mediterranean countries. It is the result of cooperation between universities and farms in four different fields (arable crops, fruit, viticulture, olive culture) from Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal, which have already adopted precision agriculture (PA) technologies.



SPARKLE takes on the challenge of filling the gap between entrepreneurship and effective application of sustainable precision agriculture (SPA) among researchers, agricultural enterprises (small and medium enterprises) and students.

To tackle this challenge, SPARKLE:

• will define future technological and market trends in three relevant farm sectors

• will collect the business models of successful farms, which are already adopting PA technologies, to be presented as business case for students

• will build a methodological and a theoretical framework for educating future-oriented agripreuners

• will elaborate a new blended training course (traditional classes and e-learning), for the purpose of creating the farmers and agricultural business managers of the future.