European farm sector is currently at a crossroad: embracing the future or staying stuck in old practices. The future is represented by Precision Agriculture (PA), which is a new mind-set approach and a new network of different technologies (digitalization, metadata, Internet of Things, IT, etc.). For this reason, the farmer of the future, the so-called “agripreneur 4.0”, needs a mix of competencies such as agricultural, entrepreneurial, digital and environmental skills.


The main goals of the project was the creation of a new training program for university students, agri-entrepreneurs, academics, service providers, school students in the form of an e-Learning course, in order­­ to enhance their technical, business-oriented skills and entrepreneurial activity in a smart environment. And so it was! (check the section “e-Learning course”).

To achieve this goal, we have worked hard during these years and produced several resources that you can find in the “resources” section.

The concluding virtual Sparkle final conference on 1011 December was attended by many people, which made us very happy. The Sparkle project has been a crucial opportunity to make order in a common widespread scenario that is often chaotic and poor including that of high technology and digitalization for sustainable agriculture. We hope that the material we have developed, not only the moodle platform, but also the many other resources will be helpful and inspiring for all of you!

The Sparkle Team