What’s happening in SPARKLE?

After having identified the main needs of students, Academic and Farmers (you can download the full report here), having deepened some aspects related to the future of farming sector (Foresight analysis and Research on Advanced Robotics) and having collected 20 Business model from 20 farms, the partners are now ready for defining the contents of the course. All these reports will be soon available on the SPARKLE project website.

During the Thessaloniki meeting, the partners identified a high number of topics, divided in four different areas: “SPA Overview”, “Tech-ing”, “Be situated”, “Handle it!” . The partners organized a mind-map presenting all the topics identified: have a look here, you will figure out how big and interesting the Precision Farming world is!

Soon, the partnership will create the e-learning course, blending MOOC (open to all the interested users) and face-to-face lessons and additional materials uploaded on the Moodle platform, dedicated exclusively to the students of the University partners.

As the courses will start in December 2019, the next months will be fully dedicated to the creation of the learning materials, including videos, slides and use cases, aimed at creating a stimulating and attractive educational path for students and farmers.

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