The Sparkle generative learning community.

Relationships and networks as key factor to understand complexity.


Project sparkle aims to spread an idea of entrepreneurship in agriculture. The characteristic complexity of new paradigm of digitalization and high technology require new approaches in terms of understanding, interpretation and organization, in a proficiency application of new appropriate and revised business models.

The first clear step in changing was the experience of comprehension of multiplex implications and many related actors involved in the newborn paradigm of sustainable precision agriculture.

Sparkle is growing as a generative earning community, that focalizes not only on targets that will benefits directly from the project output, but also on the partner community itself that accrue in the awareness of innovation  complexity that is going to develop in a new learning process. The built network between the partners, who identify in Universities and Companies, are giving life to a system of collective construction of knowledge and negotiation of contents. The involved actors towards a heuristic approach discover and share experiences, information, knowledges and competences that enrich in meaningful way the educational aims of the project. The reflections on shared experiences has allowed partners to understand the high self-learning value of process of constructing meaning in constant development.

In conclusion, sparkle is characterized as innovative project in agriculture, which contain time for reflection and learning in scientific community, which found itself involved in a parallel path in which authors call themselves into question first.

In the European context in which the project is set, they learn facing issues and get richer in a system of different competences strong transdisciplinary nature. Relationships and networks generate knowledge and sharing become a key factor to understand complexity. This kind of approach, that focuses on participation and negotiation in Academy at an European level, turns into a paradigm for educational planning based on community of practice, that goes far from a structured and tight model, for ruling out in an open and generative path, that starts from Universities but draw on and involve Company and Citizens.