SPARKLE course: all the benefits in attending an e-learning course

The SPARKLE project will provide an educational course online for agricultural students interested in becoming the farmers of the future, the so-called “agripreneurs 4.0”, in order to enhance their business-oriented skills and entrepreneurial activity in a smart environment.
That’s great news, right? Here we wanted to summarize some advantages that will help you understand why choosing an e-learning course and how to get the best from it!
1. Flexibility.
Due to its convenience, resources are available anywhere and at any time. In this way you can “build” your own routine by dedicating the moments of the day in which you feel most concentrated to studying. Planning a schedule for maximizing those timeslots on your day it’s the best option.
2. Autonomy.
Students’ concentration levels vary widely because some of them are fast learners while others are not, but thanks to online courses students learn at their own speed. On the other hand, it can be though to study by yourself without any accountability to be provided to teachers or fellow students. It’s advisable to prepare timeline in which are clearly spread out the goals for each module.
3. Innovation.
Attending an online course means knowing new learning environments and tools that represent the future of educational training. The fact that the course is strongly oriented towards the future – as it was intended to enrich the skills of “agripreneurs 4.0” – must be considered a highly innovative feature of this type of teaching.
4. Attractiveness.
The possibility of structuring an online course perfectly matches with the one of making the contents of the lessons more attractive. In fact, there are numerous supports that can be used: from audio files to animations, from videos to simple, but always effective, slides. These tools increase the cognitive capacity of the students attending the course, as well as making the teaching method more appealing.