Conscious wine: our land, innovation and technology in a bottle.

The Castello di Fonterutoli company, owned by Marchesi Mazzei S.p.a., is situated in the province of Siena, a territory historically associated with the production of DOCG (Controlled and warranted designations of origin) Chianti Classico wine. The vineyard of the company covers an area of 117ha and yields wines with structural and aromatic notes typical of the territory, together with a minerality deriving from the soil of this part of Tuscany.

Our goal is to produce extremely typical wines linked to the history of the territory. The knowledge of the soil characteristics and the cultivation techniques precisely enhance the pedo-morphological features of the territory. Over the years, globally 50ha have been characterised, 20 of which through classical pedological methods and the remaining 30 ha in cooperation with the SOING company by means of an Electromagnetic Wave system, able to provide information on three different soil layers (0-50 cm, 0-100 cm, 0-180cm.) The results of the spatial mapping have been processed through GIS instruments, thus laying the foundations for the for the Company Soil Map. The knowledge of the soil type, the percentage of carbonates and the moisture in the soil determine the choice of the Sangiovese rootstock, the main grape variety of Chianti Classico.

The vineyards are managed according to the Precision Farming principles, by means of telemetry systems combined with variable-rate equipment, with the aim of improving the productivity of each plant. The vineyard is thus divided into three macro areas (High, Medium and Low vigour), where the cultivation operations are managed in a specific way, including the Specific Site collection. The winemaking process is also carried out by separating the various types of grapes coming from each site, with the aim of enhancing the Chianti Classico terroir.