Sustainable Precision Agriculture: Research and Knowledge for Learning how to be an agri-Entrepreneur

Sustainable precision agriculture (SPA) is spatial intelligence, augmented knowledge and precise management. SPARKLE project try to close innovation divide on entrepreneurship and effective application of SPA between research, agricultural enterprises (SME) and students. The profitable application of SPA requires new competencies and to shift from a mechanical model to a SPA model is necessary to have digital, high technology and business skills applied on a deeper agriculture competences. The real chance SPARKLE e-learning project is to link University, Farmers and Students giving a chance of learning and facing challenge for the students, but also fronting the Universities with concrete problems in SPA application in open field with the aid of farmer’s experience. It will be analysed the foresight of applied technologies for different fields in SPA (Arable crops, Fruit, Viticulture) to better understand where there is the future of european technologies market of SPA and where it need to be better developed. In the short period, the project outputs will be gaining knowledge and skills for university by training students about SPA technologies and business. Students will have the chance to handle a real experience with european enterprises already skilled in different aspects of SPA. Another output will be for students and agripreuners to understand how to capture and develop SPA business ideas. Therefore, for enterprises it will be the occasion to get involved directly in training and the opportunity to interact with students, which will be the future agri-entrepreuners and support agriculture technicians. In the long period, the project outputs will create impact trough increasing synergies among educational offer of University and enterprises, extending higher educational offer trough crossing over between new technologies in agriculture and new business models.