SPARKLE Project – Recognition and Validation

Quality validation of the SPARKLE educational products will be carried out in the project lifetime, through Pilot Actions of implementation which will offer the chance of user-guided improvements and through a robust system of Quality Assurance and project evaluation (WP7 and WP8).

With regard to recognition of the project outputs devoted to students, the idea of introducing the SPARKLE results in academic offers has been analyzed by partner universities. High members of university Degree Committees are part of the project teams and will contribute in developing outputs reflecting standard European university requirements.

Partners’ Degree Committees have expressed their interest to evaluate the introduction of the SPARKLE scientific and educational outputs as integrated materials for university courses in established curricula.

Furthermore, with project results developed and also after the project ends, according to the univ regulations concerning the recognition of ECTS, the Degree Committees envisage the possibility to assess and recognize the SPARKLE package for students as a validated university course. However since degree committees are subordinate to internal, University or national rules it is quite difficult to foresee now the number of ECTS, kind of bachelor/master program, etc.

Concerning project outputs devoted to academics and companies, the consortium believes that also their learning results should be recognised. Thus, after attending the SPARKLE e-learning packages and passing the envisaged tests, attendees will receive a Certificate of Attendance. On the labour market the Certificate will confirm the acquisition of Precision Agriculture knowledge and entrepreneurial skills.