SPARKLE Project – Phases

Phase 1 (M1 – M14): will result in specifying educational needs and creating innovative reports on same fundamental topics, for developing the educational packages:

  • Preparing and executing a survey to analyse educational needs among three most relevant target groups (PA researchers, students and farms already adopting PA technologies);
  • Conducting a detailed analysis on technological trends in PA sector and analysing the future trends of the adoption of robotics in agriculture
  • Collecting the business cases of successful farms adopting PA technologies
  • Producing methodological recommendations concerning pedagogical strategies, didactic approaches and the content of the educational offer.

Phase 2 (M14 – M21): will be focused on the production of educational offer by:

  • Developing the technical characteristics of the e-learning courses,
  • Developing the core e-learning course,

Phase 3 (M22 – M35): will aim to make the educational offer fully operational by:

  • Producing a unified methodology of testing and validating the e-learning offer,
  • Testing and validating the e-learning offer in Italy, Portugal, Greece and Spain
  • Producing and testing a new coaching methods, involving academic support and intrapreneurship experience, for developing advanced business models for traditional farms willing to adopt PA technologies