SPARKLE Project – Management

The project is designed according to the framework shown in the project GANTT. The consortium designed it to guarantee the achievement of Aims and Objectives through planned WPs, tasks and milestones, as well as to ensure the quality of processes, results and their evaluation (see WP7-8).

The framework consists of the following WPs:

  • WP1 (Prep.): it is aimed at establishing a detailed training needs assessment, in order to have actual information for the following development of the e-learning courses. The result will be available on the website.
  • WP2 (Prep.): it is aimed to create a consistent scientific background for the educational materials and supporting the teaching activity to be performed in WP4
  • WP3 (Impl.): the partnership will identify a coherent architecture for the educational packages and will elaborate the common materials.
  • WP4 (Impl): The aims are to test the educational packages, developed and assembled in WP3 (the training will embed e-learning and activities in class – mainly at the beginning and the end of the training) and to improve the packages, based on piloting feedback. The partnership will then release the ultimate version of the materials.
  • WP5 (Impl): The aim is to plan and implement a business model competition, in order to allow the attendees to work on real business cases and learning to develop innovative solutions for traditional farmers.
  • WP6 (Mgmt.): to manage the overall project’s activity and to organize and participate in virtual and in person meetings, monitor the deadlines, take care of periodic reports and support each WP leader in the WP management
  • WP7 (QA): All staff working in the project will be requested to fill a Quarterly Report in order to formalize all the activities performed, on the basis of a QA Plan.
  • WP8 (Eva.): Partners will be responsible for the internal evaluation of each WP (ML2, Ml3, Ml4, ML5 will follow a specific procedure).

WP9 (Diss.): All the partners will be involved in a strong diss. and expl. activity in order to present the results and exploit the materials, also adopting mainly the EIP-AGRI platform as cooperative platform.