What happened in “Evora”? The next steps of SPARKLE project

The partners of SPARKLE project were expected to gather in Evora on May 5 and 6 for a meeting in which to discuss mainly on the general progress of the course and in particular the organization of the next steps regarding the BM Competition and the intrapreneurial experience


Given the situation that is being experienced throughout Europe due to the COVID-19 emergency, the 6th partnership meeting could not take place physically in Portugal. Nonetheless, all the partners followed the agenda and organized four conference calls to replace the two-days meeting. A further step forward for the project, which despite the problems and uncertainties of this historical moment, does not stop!

The first two days (5th and 6th May) were dedicated mainly to mutual updates on the progress of the courses in each University and to find an agreement on the entrepreneurial training and the field activities, that, in the light of the current situation, cannot take place in person.

The partners reported that in each country the course is going very well and the students are satisfied.
Considering the situation, all the partners agreed to conduct the entrepreneurial education training and the field activities all in an on-line mode. During the last two days (12th and 13th May) the partners have planned the improvement of the training materials and the business model competition, adapting them to the current situation in the best way. The discussion on the activities brought fruitful and interesting prospects. Furthermore, Agrosap presented an adaptation of the initial proposal for the new Business Model Competition.

The efficiency of this partnership and its innovative approach are also nested in its dimensions – small, which make the discussion manageable – and in the group’s heterogeneity – ranging from farmers, to academics of different subjects, to entrepreneurs.
The partners have shown, in fact, to be able to work even from a distance, maintaining the same spirit of collaboration and good-will.