ValueDo srl provides consultancy and support to enterprises of all dimensions, to Local bodies and Regions, Research Centers and Universities, toward access to EU direct funding. Our activity of consulting, assistance and project development develops each step of the process. We offer an overall management: from the identification of the kind of funding to the definition, planning, presentation, management and reporting of the project and follow-up activities.

Valuedo is currently partner in three Knowledge Alliance projects, including our SPARKLE project: beFORE, which is aimed developing and release a set of Futures Literacy e-learning courses tailored to the needs of three target groups: entrepreneurs, students and academics and eTOMATO, aimed at developing a blended training course on Multifunctional Agriculture. Valuedo is also providing technical assistance to Public Bodies and Regional Authorities on other EU-financed programs, such as Interreg Med and Interreg It-Fr Maritime.

In addition to this ValueDo is specialized in entrepreneurial education, addressed both to start-uppers and already established companies.

In addition to the activity in the EU project management sector, ValueDo manages the co-working space of 91C: ( on public socio-economic innovation policies in Florence. In the company’s network there many professionals and companies which can be activated in case of researches, investigations and other field researches and for involve them in educational activities