The Vineyard just a click away

The Marchesi Mazzei company, thanks to the use of a management platform, Agros, is able to monitor all agricultural operations. A multifunctional system that allows complete monitoring of the entire production part. In this way, we can manage every single cadastral parcel of land divided by destination of use, based on the work carried out, the hours used for this operation and the personnel associated with the report of hours worked monthly. Connected directly to agricultural vehicles and materials, thus defining a warehouse inventory with the various movements, stocks and orders to be carried out for all the products necessary for the various operations of vineyard management. With this system we can carry out a daily monitoring of the entire agricultural year, starting from the management of winter processing such as tillage, sowing and pruning. Followed by the phase of full vegetation with the control of phytosanitary treatments, to have a lower impact on the environment both at the level of chemical product and pollution produced by agricultural vehicles. Until you reach the most awaited moment of the year, the harvest where we monitor the vineyard by vineyard the quantity and quality of the grapes produced and then continue with the planning of the winter jobs. In addition to this we use this platform as a monitoring of the adversities present in the vineyard, the various active ingredients used with the relative doses. This system communicates directly with the hormone traps present in the vineyard so that we are able to know day by day the degree of infestation of insects harmful to the vineyard. We therefore obtain a complete view of each individual vineyard from the year of planting until the time of grubbing. The use of a Smart form of agriculture is fundamental to obtain a high quality product and at the same time reduce the environmental impact, constantly monitoring the flows of energy used.