The future of skills in the Agro-Tech and Agro-Food sectors

The European Training Foundation (ETF) is the EU agency that supports countries of the European Union to reform and improve their education, training and labour market systems. Its main goal is to help transition and developing countries harness the potential of their human capital through the enhancement of the education system.

A new study of the ETF has been started for the analysis of the skills of the future related to three main sectors in three different countries: two of them are the agro-tech sector in Israel and the agro-food sector in Morocco, while the third one is the automotive sector in Turkey.

Erre Quadro s.r.l. and Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini are carrying on such analysis, exploring how drivers of change affect jobs and skill needs in such specific sectors in its partner countries. The overall purpose of the project is to identify and analyse how technology, innovation and other drivers are changing or creating skill needs and how the education and training systems are responding to this evolution. To this end, the Consortium is conducting desk and field research and is collaborating with key stakeholders in order to provide conclusions and analysis of policy implications caused by occurring changes in the selected sectors in three countries.