Success of the Sparkle online course: 385 students enrolled!

Despite the current worldwide situation (or perhaps due to it) the first edition of the Sparkle course on Sustainable Precision Agriculture has been widely demanded by students all-over Europe.

The dissemination of the course by all the partners of the consortium along the past six months was intense and effective, covering not only agriculture students, but also a wide scope of technical professional profiles virtually interested on receiving updated education of Precision Farming technologies, Sustainable Agriculture and Entrepreneurship.

The enrolment figures in the Sparkle online course are really awesome. If we have a look at the global figures by country, the students contacted and managed by the respective university institution of each country are (approximately):

  • Italy: 60 students
  • Greece: 60 students
  • Spain: 95 students
  • Portugal: 170 students

It is also important to point out that many more nationalities that the four mentioned are present in the course, and that also a relevant number of farmers, field technicians and personnel from enterprises or governmental institutions are following the course.

With these stunning numbers in mind, it is clear that the demand on education about precision farming is high.

The course is still going on as planned along these weeks. It has been possible thanks to the big effort, enthusiasm and dedication of all the personnel of the Sparkle consortium, and we are eager to see the final results of it!