Safeguard the environment and people

The Marchesi Mazzei S.P.A always attentive to the protection of the territory and its crops, has contributed to the experimentation of an innovative start-up.Created to meet the need to provide protection from ungulates using technology based exclusively on the emission of ultrasound. The demographic increase in wild populations of ungulates has led to a significant increase in damage to crops, as well as road accidents (due to animals continuously present on the roads), in almost all Italian regions, but also throughout Europe. To cope with this drawback, we proceeded to install a device that could balance the different needs of wine growers, hunters, and environmentalists. This will limit the entry of wild animals into the vineyards and areas of public interest adjacent to the company. Technological innovation has allowed us to create a device that emits ultrasound with a power of 115 db which are perceived by the animal as a signal of strong disturbance, thus avoiding that these animals cross the entrances of the cultivated areas. The device is equipped with sensing functionality (detection of the presence of wildlife in day and night conditions through the use of pir sensors (passive infrared); actuating functionality (generation of high intensity waveforms (115 db) totally reprogrammable; Energy harvesting functionality (Power to rechargeable batteries via photovoltaic panel). Furthermore, remote control is possible via a dedicated App, which allows you to monitor the battery charge level, the number of barrier crossings by the animals, the intensity of the acoustic signal emitted and weekly programming.