Process monitoring for an excellent wine

Through innovation and thanks to precision viticulture by means of Telemetry on agricultural vehicles, we aim at optimizing all the cultivation operations with remarkable results in terms of time, fuel, reduction of pesticides and water consumption. Marchesi Mazzei avails itself of a process monitoring and traceability called Agroplanning, which includes the installation on tractors of a GPS control unit provided with channels for the collection of data coming from the fertilizer distribution systems.

The data sent to the control unit help control the right and left opening of the nozzles (sprayers), the insertion of the Power Take Off and the speed of the vehicle, thus allowing the operator to check the correctness of the operations in real time and minimize the distribution errors. Moreover, thanks to the remote control, a flowmeter is combined with the distributor of phytosanitary products, thus enabling the measurement of the actual litres of water distributed in each vineyard. The remote control system also improves the operator safety.

Considering the steep slopes of the vineyards, the vehicles have been equipped with a tilt sensor, which, in case of accident, immediately sends an alarm signal to the company computer. The data provided by the telemetry are displayed in real time on the company remote computer and are exported to Agros. a management program, which processes the data and automatically provides a chronology of the operations carried out, including the products used for each plot and water consumption. Through telemetry, we aim at obtaining excellent grapes, at the same time safeguarding biodiversity, the environment and the safety of the operators.