Precision Agriculture on a vertical business model.

Inspired by Hippocrates “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” REZOS BRANDS is not a typical agribusiness company. It is a food focused SME, with expertise in superfoods, but it started backwards.

The company was established in Greece back in 1983, and its main activity was the distribution of imported and local food & beverages products. Over the years REZOS BRANDS S.A. has extended its operations on food, to all activities of the vertical business model: from the farm to the fork, which includes cultivation, harvesting, research, process, packaging, warehouse storing, marketing, distribution.

Τhe company have invested in a multifunctional farm in Meteora (Central Greece) where is cultivates and grows its own super foods. Up to this moment it cultivates 3 varieties of sea buckthorn, echinacea and mountain tea the variety of sideritis scardica.

Having the ambition to produce superfood and develop high nutritional value crops, adopting Precision Agriculture techniques was the only way.  In order to monitor field a number of sensing technologies are used by providing data, such as, Location Sensors use signals from GPS satellites to determine latitude, longitude, and altitude to within feet, Optical Sensors use light to measure soil properties, Electrochemical Sensors provide key information required for pH and soil nutrient levels, Temperature & Moisture sensor and a Agricultural Weather Station. Applying the right amount of water, fertilizer, pesticides in the right place and at the right time benefits crops, soils, groundwater, maximizing the yield, and thus the entire crop cycle.

REZOS BRANDS by using PA techniques manages to have a direct raise on its income by getting a bigger production, and indirect income by obtaining a return on its investment by saving on water, pesticide, fertilizer costs.