How to learn to be an agri-entrepreneur

Sparkle project aims to find, analyses and sets the required skills to be an agri-entreprenur. That is because Sustainable Precision Agriculture is not only technology knowledge or agricultural one, but also a systemic view towards innovation and progress. Agricultural students and farmers, as well as researchers, need a specific training in this new approach. The lack of entrepreneurship and business skills in these targets brings the necessity of a specific learning package focused on the developing of many soft skills required for an agri-entrepreneur systemic approach.

In Sparkle Project educational package these skills are implemented by a multi-method training course. The first part of how to learn to be an agri entrepreneur is set in a virtual environment online. The e-learning course is built on MOODLE LMS (Learning Management System) a very user-friendly online platform, specific for e-learning and especially blended learning.

Sparkle e-learning course is organized in twelve lessons that deepen four macro areas of study:

  • the principles of sustainable precision agriculture, towards an overview of the main point of it;
  • the technological area examining many kind of technologies and their application in SPA;
  • the environmental and social challenges in Sustainable Precision Agriculture;
  • the entrepreneurial aspects of farming and the principles of business and entrepreneurship.

Many educational tools develop all these topics: videos, articles, presentations and some checking quizzes that help students to take track of their progress and have constant feedback on their work online.

After the online part, university students are called to a face-to-face part and case study work together. The end of the educational package consists in a Business Model Competition, so a very operative and challenging part that aims at pushing students to apply the knowledge acquired and develop that with creativity and innovation.

To enlarge the audience of the course, Sparkle partnership will set fourĀ  MOOC (Massive open Online Course) that will become a learning programme for all people interested in Sustainable Precision Agriculture.