Happy Sparkle Business Model Competition! And may the odds be ever in your favor!

The Sparkle project has just launched its Business Model Competition, an innovative initiative that will allow students to test and validate all aspects of a business model within a real Agricultural Company.

The “Sparkle Challenge” brings together a sharp focus on both training and farms, by getting Sparkle students to work on precision farming-centered challenges form a business approach.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for students who has successfully completed the Sparkle course (which combines, as you know, SPA skills and technologies, as well as social and economic aspects, marketing and business) to go one step further and receive direct guidance directly from farms managers.

The competition takes place at National level and it is organized respectively by the four Sparkle Universities: Unifi (Italy), AUTH (Greece), Evora (Portugal) and UPM (Spain). Each University has selected one interesting challenge proposed by a national farmer. It is a real challenge that the farm manager has to face in its day-to-day work.

From now to September, depending on the University, each national challenge will be presented to the Sparkle students. They will be organized in teams to develop a solution combining the Business Model Canvas approach and the application of new technologies.

All teams will have the opportunity of having a meeting with their national farmer and pose the relevant questions directly to them to better approach and develop their solutions.

A national jury will select the proposal which best comply the criteria of originality, innovative potential and feasibility of the idea.

Then, the selected team in each country will have the opportunity of continuing developing their idea during an entrepreneurial experience in the farm, supported by the farmer itself.

We are looking forward to knowing the proposals of our Sparkle students and keep you informed of the results of the competition!