FIMA 2020 is committed to innovation, sustainability and digital technologies

Between 25th and 29th February 2020 the 41st International Fair of Agricultural Machinery – FIMA- took place in Zaragoza (Spain).

FIMA has become the meeting point for Southern Europe Agriculture, gathering the latest technologies for improving efficiency and promoting sustainability and digitalization in agriculture.

Over five days, FIMA 2020 brought together 237,446 visitors who flocked to Zaragoza to get an insight into the latest technologies for the agri-food sector, showed by 1650 exhibitors who occupied a total space of 163,500 square meters, distributed over 11 exhibitions halls.

More than 3,000 business-meetings between exhibitors and visitors have took place in FIMA 2020, gathering close to 80 different nationalities. Also, the Fair have hosted several conferences and workshops regarding different topics (training and education, familiar agriculture, new technologies…) that attracted more than 2,000 participants. Finally, FIMA offered 44 Prizes on technical innovations. Among them, it is remarkable the FIMA Award of Excellence with the goal being to enhance technical-innovation for new business models applied to current business and markets.

The winner of the 2020 edition of the Award of Excellence was Finca Bizcarra S.L.,a family farm following Farm Management Information System rules to facilitate the application of Precision Agriculture. Their system enables a better management of the farm and all resources, maximizing profitability and promoting environment-friendly practices. In fact, in the last 3 years, they have reduced their use of fertilizers and water to 6,2% and 15%, respectively.

In short, FIMA 2020 has shown the importance of new technologies and innovation for sustainable agriculture.

We look forward to assisting to the next show on 2022.