After two years of hard work, it was time for an update on the progress of the SPARKLE consortium. Many meetings, both virtual and in person, have resulted in a very close partnership, a lot of interesting knowledge transfers, and the start of the implementation phase of the project.

Unfortunately, the pandemic is affecting more and more people. Therefore, we would like to extend our thought and love to the millions of people who are affected. Both the healthcare workers, as well as all the other people facing uncertain and difficult times.

The SPARKLE project was supposed to start with the mixed, online and face-to-face pilot course this spring. This can no longer continue as planned, but much of our efforts went into the creation of an online platform. Although we are still working hard (from home) to figure out how to roll out the rest of the course, we are happy to announce the online part is going to continue as planned with the first students starting the course in this April.

This results in a special opportunity where the affiliated universities can use the online course in a time where online content is needed more than ever.

If you are interested in following the pilot course, please contact the responsible party in your country of origin on one of the below e-mail addresses:


On behalf of the entire SPARKLE team we wish you all the best.

Stay safe (inside), and happy learning!