Awareness to reduce the environmental impact

The Marchesi Mazzei S.p.A. winery uses cutting-edge technologies to obtain high-quality products, safeguarding the environmental impact and maintaining biodiversity. Pest and disease monitoring is a fundamental step in the efficient management of a modern farm. Precisely for this reason we have equipped ourselves with pheromone traps capable of detecting the presence of insects harmful to crops, such as Lobesia Botrana for the Vine and Bactrocera Oleae for the olive tree. Not a normal monitoring trap, in which it is the operator who has to make an analysis of the presence of insects, but of a particularly innovative tool that attracts and captures harmful insects through sexual pheromone calls, recognized through algorithms and subsequently sends real-time alert messages to the farmer. Thanks to the network connection, crop monitoring is carried out directly through an application accessible from a smartphone. The Artificial Intelligence with which SpyFly is equipped analyzes the environmental data detected in the field by combining it with the data of the catches, and develops forecast models that can alert the farmer in advance of the ideal conditions for the presence of harmful insects. It is autonomously powered by solar panels and also works as a meteor controller allowing information on the evolution of insects with respect to the climatic conditions detected. So that this type of monitoring allows us to intervene at the most appropriate time for the containment of these parasites, creating an indispensable forecasting model to reduce the environmental impact. This translates into a reduction of the doses of plant protection products, of the working hours used, of the fuel for the machinery associated with a significant reduction of the environmental impact. The current climate changes taking place and the increased sensitivity of consumers towards sustainable agriculture make SpyFly an indispensable tool for the farmer of the third millennium.