3rd SPARKLE project meeting in Thesssaloniki, Greece

On February 7th and 8th the partnership met in Thessaloniki to discuss the progress of the SPARKLE project. Immersed in the bucolic frame of the Aristotele University Farm, where the meeting, hosted by AUTH, took place, partners reviewed all the project activities implemented so far, during the first year of the project’s life. Work Package 2 and the related activities were the most discussed ones, due to their importance as cornerstones of the subsequent implementation phase, as well as the entire project from here on. The partners provided the last comments on the Foresight analysis conducted by ErreQuadro and the research on Robotics in Agriculture prepared by CSIC. Also the Business model collection was discussed, starting from the inputs collected by all the University partners in the implementation of the 20 interviews with farmers conducted in the last months. All these results will be soon available on our project website.

The following discussion encompassed the SPA Online Training Course, as the core of Work Package 3. The preparation of pedagogical and technical criteria for the e-learning course has been kickstarted during the meeting and it is currently underway. Possible topics to be included in the architecture of the course have been individually selected and shared in plenary by the partnership through the World Café methodology: they have been then collected in flipchart sheets and clustered according to their thematic relevance.

All the inputs were collected by UniFi and CSIC, responsible for the design phase of the course, then all the partners will be involved in the preparation of the training materials for the SPARKLE course. We will keep you updated about the progress of our work!